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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 13)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
Alpine EastAPE35603.3Portola Valley: Start at Portola Rd, finish at gateMap 2002
AltamontALT46062.2Los Altos Hills: Start at Moody Rd, finish at Page Mill Rd.Map 07/2009Christopher Larson
Elena/TaaffeELT35902.6Los Altos Hills: Start at Purissima Rd on Elena Rd, right onto Taaffe Rd, finish at Altamont Rd.Map 07/2009Christopher Larson
Los Trancos WoodsLTW47482.9Portola Valley: Start at Alpine Rd, straight onto Vista Verde Way, finish at Ramona Rd (upper intersection).Map 2002
Magdalena/Olive TreeMOT4692/6302.7Los Altos Hills: Start at Foothill Expwy, on Magdalena Ave, right onto Blandor, right onto Olive Tree, finish at the gate -- or -- Start at Moody Rd, on Tepa Way, bear right onto Summit Wood Rd, left onto La Loma Dr, right onto Prospect Ave, right onto Stonebrook Dr, right onto Kate Dr, left onto Laura Ct, straight through gate to Stonebrook Dr, right onto Magdalena Ave, right onto Blandor, right onto Olive Tree, finish at the gateMap Alt-1 09/2008Paul Metz
MoodyMDR46362.8Los Altos Hills: Start at Elena Rd, finish at Page Mill Rd.Map 02/2008Eric Hamilton
MoraMOR56001.6Los Altos Hills: Start at Loyola Dr on Terrace Dr, bear right onto Mora Dr, finish at the gate.Map 1999
Page Mill LowerPML47012.5Palo Alto: Start at Arastradero Rd, finish at Moody Rd.Map 07/2009Franz Kelsch
Page Mill UpperPMU514835.8Palo Alto: Start at Moody Rd, finish at Skyline BlvdMap 07/2009Franz Kelsch
Paseo Del Roble/AlexisPRA45821.8Palo Alto: Start Paseo Del Roble at lower intersection with Page Mill, then right on Alexis Dr to end of roadMap 1/2022Kelly Berryhill
RamonaRAM69081.5Portola Valley: Start on Ramona Rd at Los Trancos Rd, left onto Vista Verde Way, finish at end of roadMap 12/2012John Pugliese
Skyline North 2SN249606.4Palo Alto: Start at Page Mill Rd, finish at Hwy 9.Map 01/2008Don Axtell
WestridgeWSR48965.8Portola Valley: Round trip Alpine Rd to Portola Rd and back. Start at either end.Map 01/2011Brian Chun
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 0)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter

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