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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 196)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
3 Bears LoopTBL4162918.8Orinda: loop around Briones & San Pablo reservoirs. Start anywhere in the loop, either way, ride Castro Ranch, Alhambra Valley, Bear Creek, and San Pablo Dam Rds.Map 08/2008Scott Francks
AbornABN68152.5San Jose: Start at San Felipe Rd., finish at gateMap 1999
AguajitoAGJ37003.5Monterey: Camino Aguajito & Aguajito Rd from Del Monte Ave to summit -- or -- Carmel: Start on Rio Road at Mission Carmel, continue on Junipero and Camino del Monte to Carpenter, left to Hwy 1, right to Aguajito, to summitMap Alt-1 1999
AlbaALB620503.9Ben Lomond: Start at Hwy 9, finish at Empire GradeMap 1989
Aldercroft HeightsALH45974.0Lexington Reservoir: Start at Alma Bridge Road, u-turn at end; round trip.Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Alpine EastAPE35603.3Portola Valley: Start at Portola Rd, finish at gateMap 2002
Alpine WestAPW519507.6La Honda: Start at Pescadero Road, finish at Skyline BlvdMap 1989
AltamontALT46062.2Los Altos Hills: Start at Moody Rd, finish at Page Mill Rd.Map 07/2009Christopher Larson
Alum Rock CrothersARC58113.6San Jose: Start at Alum Rock Park entrance; to the old entrance; to Crothers Rd; finish at Mt Hamilton RdMap Alt-1 01/2018Bruce Simpson
Aptos to CorralitosA2C37067.7Aptos: Trout Gulch Rd, to Day Valley Rd, to Freedom Blvd, to Hams Rd, to Corralitos town square. Either way.Map 01/2008Deborah Lefferts
Aztec RidgeAZR67431.6Los Gatos: From Phillips Rd, via Cypress Way, to bear right at Maya Way, to right at Aztec Ridge, to end.Map 02/2008Gary Robinson
Bailey/Buffalo HillBBF35304.1San Jose: From Santa Teresa Blvd, via Bailey Ave, to left at McKean Rd, to summit of Buffalo Hill.Map 2002
Barnard/Anderson DamBAD65503.1Morgan Hill: Barnard Rd to end, and Anderson Dam loop. Start with either one.Map 01/2011John Hughes
Bean CreekBNC35033.7Scotts Valley: Start at Scotts Valley Dr, finish at Glenwood Dr.Map 02/2019John Hughes
Bear CreekBCW416359.2Boulder Creek: Start at Hwy 9, finish at Skyline Blvd.Map 1989
Bear Gulch WestBGW512006.1Between Skaggs Pt and Skylonda: Start at Skyline Blvd, u-turn at end. Round trip.Map 02/2008Spencer Frink
BernalBRN45001.3San Jose: Start at Heaton Moor Dr, finish at the hilltop parking area before the IBM gate.Map 1999
BlackBLK517804.5Lexington Reservoir: Start at Montevina Rd, finish at Skyline Blvd -- or -- Start at Montevina Rd, left on Gist Rd, finish at Skyline BlvdMap Alt-1 1997
BohlmanBOH620104.1Saratoga: Start at Madronia Cemetery entrance, finish at end of road.Map 1989
Bonny DoonBDP521007.5Davenport: Start at Hwy 1, straight onto Pine Flat Rd, finish at Empire Grade -- or -- Start at Hwy 1, right onto Martin Rd, right onto Ice Cream Grade, finish at Empire GradeMap Alt-1 1989
Bridle PathBPE45633.6Morgan Hill: Start at New Rd on Bridle Path Dr, turn left onto Estates Dr, to finish at Roop Rd.Map 01/2018John Hughes
Bunker McCulloughBMC45732.3Marin Headlands: Start on Bunker Rd at Field Rd, to right onto McCullough Road, finish at Conzelman Rd.Map 01/2018Hien Lam
Cachagua LoopCCN49002.7/8.8Carmel Valley: Start at Carmel Valley Rd, take Cachagua Rd to summit at Sky Ranch -- or -- Start at Carmel Valley Rd, takeTassajara Rd to right on Cachagua Rd to summit at Sky RanchMap Alt-1 1999
Calaveras/BacksideCLN49743.0Sunol: Start at Welch Creek, finish at the dam overlook.Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Calaveras/LowerCLL47302.4Milpitas: Start at Piedmont Rd, finish at Felter Rd.Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Calaveras/Upper CLU46247.3Milpitas: Start at Felter Rd, finish at the dam overlook -- or -- Start at the dam overlook, finish at Felter Rd.Map Alt-1 01/2012Don Axtell
Canada LoopCNN4102017.0Gilroy: Start on Roop Rd at New Ave, becomes Gilroy Hot Springs Rd, right at Canada Rd, finish at Hwy 152 -- or -- Start on Dryden Ave at New Ave, left onto Leavesley Rd, straight onto Roop Rd, becomes Gilroy Hot Springs Rd, right at Canada Rd, finish at Hwy 152 -- or – Start on Canada Rd at Hwy 152, left at Gilroy Hot Springs Rd, become Roop Rd, finish at New Ave.Map Alt-1 Alt-2 1989
Carmel ValleyCVN4237017.7/10.1Carmel Valley: Start at Holman Rd, finish at summit -- or -- Start at Arroyo Seco Rd, finish at summitMap Alt-1 1999
Carr/AnzarCAE34705.9San Juan Bautista: Start on Anzar Rd at San Juan Hwy, left onto Carr Ave, finish at Carpenteria Rd in Aromas -- or – Start on Carr Ave at Carpenteria Rd in Aromas, right onto Anzar Rd, finish at San Juan Hwy.Map Alt-1 1999
Castle HillCSH55701.2Morgan Hill: Start on Castle Hill Dr at Llagas Rd, include the Castle Hill loop, right on Scott, right on Glen Ayre. Finish at the summit. Return to Llagas Rd via Glen Ayre or Castle Hill. Either way.Map 1/1/2016John Hughes
ChaboyaCHA55450.9San Jose: Start at Gurdwara Ave, finish at end of Chaboya Rd -- or – Start at Gurdwara Ave, finish at end of Chaboya CtMap Alt-1 01/2008Michael McGeough
China GradeCGL69703.5Big Basin: Start at lower Hwy 236, finish at upper Hwy 236Map 1989
China Grade UpperCGU45702.33Big Basin: Start at upper Hwy 236, north to finish at end of pavement.Map 01/2010Don Axtell
CienegaCIN3102519.2Hollister: From Union Rd to Panoche Rd in Paicines, either direction -- or -- Paicines: From Panoche Rd to De Rose Winery and back -- or -- Hollister: From Union Rd to De Rose Winery and backMap Alt-1 Alt-2 1999
ClaytonCYT48405.2San Jose: Start on Marten Ave at Mt. Pleasant Rd, right onto Clayton Rd, finish at Mt. Hamilton RdMap 1996
ColumbiaCOL58021.92Castro Valley: Start at Cull Canyon Rd, finish at second right for Bellhurst LaneMap 03/2009Michael McGeough
ConzelmanCOR46502Golden Gate Bridge: Start at north end of bridge, finish at the top of Conzelman (view point).Map 10/2008Megan Nguyen
Corral de TierraCDT48005.6 Monterey: Start at Robley Rd, finish at San Benancio Rd.Map 11/2009Jon Kaplan
Corral HollowCHE410007.8/11.2Livermore: from Mines Rd to summit -- or -- Tracy: from Hwy 5 to summitMap Alt-1 1999
Country ViewCTV67101.8San Jose: Start at McKean Rd, finish in cul-de-sac at end of road.Map 11/2009Pat Parseghian
Crazy HorseCRZ36306.4San Juan Bautista: Start at San Juan Grade on Crazy Horse Canyon Rd, straight onto Echo Valley Rd, finish at Maher Rd. Either way.Map 01/2015Dan Swanson
CrestviewCRV56661.97Redwood City: Start at Edgewood Dr, finish at Club Dr.Map 03/2009Michael McGeough
CroyCRY46304.5Morgan Hill: Start at Uvas Rd, finish at Uvas County Park.Map 1991
Del Puerto CanyonDPE5245016.8/21.8Livermore: Start at Junction Bar And Grill, u-turn at Frank Raines County Park (lower entrance), return to Junction -- or -- Start at the I-5 underpass in Patterson, finish at the Santa Clara County line (top of the wall)Map Alt-1 2004
Del ValleDVE413607.9Livermore: Start at Mines Rd, u-turn at Del Valle campground, return to Mines Rd -- or -- Start at Mines Rd, u-turn at Del Valle Marina, return to Mines RdMap Alt-1 1999
EdgewoodEDW37252.9Redwood City: Start at Alameda De Las Pulgas, finish at the Hw 280 parking lot.Map 10/2008Brian Chun
El ToyonalETY512423.1Orinda: Start at San Pablo Dam Road on El Toyonal, left onto Vista Del Orinda, left onto Los Piedras, right onto Lomas Contadas, finish at Grizzly Peak Blvd by the steam trains parking lot.Map 01/2012Mark Pryor
Elena/TaaffeELT35902.6Elena Rd from Purissima, turn up Taaffe and take to Altamont Rd.Map 07/2009Christopher Larson
Empire Grade LowerEGL56773.7UCSC main entrance traffic light to Smith GradeMap 01/2016Jon Kaplan
Empire Grade MiddleEGM47703.3Smith Grade to Felton-EmpireMap 01/2016Jon Kaplan
Empire Grade UpperEGU410046.3Felton-Empire Rd to Ben Lomond Cal Fire stationMap 01/2012Don Axtell
Eureka CanyonEKG519609.4Corralitos to Buzzard Lagoon RdMap 1989
FelterFEL412736.2Felter Road from Calaveras to the Summit of Sierra Road.Map 01/2008Ken Goldman
Felton-EmpireFTE515303.8Felton: Hwy 9 to Empire GradeMap 1989
FosterFOS55301.3Los Gatos: Main St and Alpine to Foster and then up Foster to Gate.Map 01/2012Jeffrey Balfus
Fremont PeakFMP5287010.6San Juan Grade to Fremont Peak State ParkMap 1989
Granite CreekGNC46003.3Branciforte Dr to summit in Scotts ValleyMap 1999
Grizzly PeakGRP410157.8All of Grizzly Peak Blvd from Wildcat Canyon in Berkeley to Skyline Blvd in Oakland.Map 03/2009Paul Greene
Harwood/Santa RosaHSR65651.2Almond Blossom at Harwood to the top of Harwood Ct. Take bike path to Santa Rosa and ride on Santa Rosa to the intersection with Sierra AzuleMap 2004
Hastings/ClubHSC57201.4From Carlmont Dr via Hastings Dr to Club Dr at CrestviewMap 01/2012Michael Khaw
Hazel DellHDL35603.6Corralitos: either directionMap 1999
Hellyer/HasslerHEH45733.31Hellyer and Silver Creek Valley Road to Hassler SummitMap 01/2008Michael McGeough
Henry CoeHRC524898.0From bridge at Anderson Lake to ranger stationMap 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Hicks EastHKE510505.3Almaden Rd @ McKean Rd to summitMap 1989
Hicks TrioHKT57813.6Los Gatos: From Hicks Rd ride Arnerich, Wagner, and Pheasant in any orderMap 01/2012Jeffrey Balfus
Hicks WestHKW511205.5Shannon Rd to summitMap 1989
Higgins/PurisimaHPN56903.4/4.5Half Moon Bay: Higgins Canyon Rd from Main St to summit -- or -- Half Moon Bay: Purisima Creek Rd from Verde Rd to summitMap Alt-1 1999
Highland WayHIW36257.7Soquel San Jose & Highland Way to Highland Way & Eureka CynMap 01/2008Deborah Lefferts
Higuera RdHGR65351.4Higuera Rd from Mt Pleasant to end of Higuera Rd. Alternate end at the gate on Higuera HighlandsMap Alt-1 01/2011John Hughes
Hwy 236HBB4160013.2Start at Lower China Grade, go through Big Basin, to upper Hwy 9 -- or -- go through Big Basin using Escape RdMap Alt-1 1993
Hwy 236 UpperHBU37244.8From upper end of 236 at Hwy. 9 to upper China Grade.Map 11/2009Jon Kaplan
Hwy 84 West 84W410506.7Hwy 84 from Pescadero Rd to SkylineMap 09/2008David Hoag
Hwy 9 North Lower9NL49863.9From 6th Street and Big Basin Way, to Redwood Gulch Road intersectionMap 01/2011Mark Pryor
Hwy 9 North Upper9NU511203.0Starting from the Redwood Gulch Road intersection, climb to Skyline Road.Map 01/2011Mark Pryor
Hwy 9 South Lower9SL48657.8Hwy 9 from the lower intersection with Hwy 236 in Boulder Creek to the upper intersection with Hwy 236 at Waterman Gap.Map 01/2016Pat Parseghian
Hwy 9 South Upper9SU413106.0Upper Hwy 236 to SkylineMap 07/2008
Jamison CreekJMC614802.9Hwy 236 to Empire GradeMap 1989
JeffersonJEF45852.0Redwood City: Highland Ave to Wilmington Ave.Map 01/2008Leslie C. Battersby
Kilkare RdKIL37093.63Start at Main Street in Sunol by the train station. Head north on Kilkare to end of road.Map 01/2013Michael McGeough
KincaidKNC5187512.0Mt.Hamilton Rd to gate & backMap 1999
Kings MountainKGM516705.0Woodside Rd to Skyline BlvdMap 1989
Larkin Valley/WhiteLVW46003.8Either direction: Larkin Valley Rd and White Rd between Bonita Dr and Freedom Blvd -- or -- Either direction: Mar Monte Ave, Larkin Valley Rd, and White Rd between San Adreas Rd and Freedom BlvdMap Alt-1 10/2012Don Axtell
Las AnimasLAS483010.9Starts San Felipe summit, descends past Metcalf and onto Las Animas to the Pratt-Whitney gate, then climbs back up and onto Metcalf, ending at motorcycle park.Can be either directionMap 01/2018Bruce Simpson
Laureles GradeLGN49003.2From Carmel Valley Rd, take Laureles Grade to summit -- or -- From Hwy 68, take Laureles Grade to summit -- or -- From Hwy 68, take Laureles Grade to Robley to Toro. Use short dirt path at top of Toro to Rinconado to summit -- or -- From Corral de Tierra, take Robley to left onto Toro. Use short dirt path at top of Toro to Rinconado to summitMap Alt-1 Alt-2 Alt-3 1999
Llagas/Willow SpringsLWS36305.1Do Llagas and Willow Springs from Hale Av to Oak Glen Av, or from Oak Glen to HaleMap Alt-1 Alt-2 Alt-3 1996
Lobitos CreekLBC46704.1Verde Rd to Tunitas Creek RdMap 1999
Loch LomondLCL56202.7Lompico Rd from E. Zayante Rd, left on West Dr. then Sequoia Ave. then Loch Lomond to Entrance to Loch Lomond Reservoir Recreation AreaMap 11/2009Bill Keckler
Lone TreeLNT5269010.7Hollister: Fairview Rd to end of roadMap 1999
Los Trancos WoodsLTW47482.9Los Trancos Rd from Alpine Rd to upper intersection with RamonaMap 2002
Magdalena/Olive TreeMOT4692/6304.0/3.0From Foothill Expressway, Magdalenda right on Blandor, right on Olive Tree to end at RS07 Gate. Alternate - From Moody Rd at Tepa Way via Summit Wood/La Loma to the top of Olive TreeMap 09/2008Paul Metz
Mantelli/Blue BellMBB55754.0Mantelli, Country Drive and Blue Bell between Santa Terresa and Burchell Road, both ways (round trip).Map 03/2009Franz Kelsch
MelendyMEL56271.44Alameda de las Pulgas to CrestviewMap 03/2009Michael McGeough
MetcalfMET510332.2Monterey Hwy to Motorcycle ParkMap 1989
Mill CreekMIC415004.3Fremont: Mill Creek Road from Mission Blvd to SummitMap 04/2008Deborah Lefferts
MinesMIN4255026Livermore: Del Valle Rd to San Antonio JunctionMap 1999
Mines UpperMIU49345.1The Junction to Livermore on Mines Rd until second crest (Elyar Ridge)Map 01/2015Jon Kaplan
MontebelloMNB520305.3Stevens Canyon Rd to gateMap 1989
MontevinaMNV517003.5Hwy 17 to gate, can cont. to Bohlman on dirtMap 1999
MoodyMDR46362.9Starts at Moody Rd & El Monte Rd. Ends at Page Mill Rd. Map 02/2008Eric Hamilton
MoraMOR56001.6Los Altos Hills: Loyola Dr to gateMap 1999
Morgan TerritoryMTN517559.5/5.1Concord: from Marsh Creek Rd to summit -- or -- Livermore: from Manning Rd to summitMap Alt-1 1999
Morrison CanyonMOC59712.6Start at Mission Blvd (238) and Morrison Canyon Rd; climb past Vargas Rd and continue to the gate.Map 02/2008Joe Farinha
Mt Bache/Loma PrietaMTB512003.3Highland Way to summit on ridgelineMap 1996
Mt Diablo North GateMDN520687.85North Gate from Oak St to South Gate IntersectionMap 02/2008David Hoag
Mt Diablo South GateMDS518256.82South Gate from Blackhawk Road to North Gate IntersectionMap 02/2008David Hoag
Mt Diablo SummitMDT520334.4Start at intersection of South Gate and North Gate to Summit to Mt DiabloMap 02/2008David Hoag
Mt Eden/PierceMEN46003.5Hwy 9 to Stevens Canyon Rd, do both, either directionMap 1989
Mt Hamilton/BackMHB520105.5Isabel Creek Bridge to Lick ObservatoryMap 1989
Mt Hamilton/LowerMHL517507.9Alum Rock Ave to Grant Ranch County ParkMap 1996
Mt Hamilton/UpperMHU5281010.7Grant Ranch Co. Park to Lick ObservatoryMap 1996
Mt Madonna WestMME515904.2From Hazel Dell to summitMap 1989
Mt Madonna/Redwood RetreatMMR57874.4Redwood Retreat Rd from Watsonville Road, Left on Mt Madonna Road to end of pavementMap 01/2012Nick Shain
Mt PleasantMPL34402.6Ruby Rd or Norwood Rd to summit, either directionMap 1999
Mt TamalpaisMTL5270010.5/8.1Mill Valley to summit -- or -- Stinson Beach to summitMap Alt-1 1999
Mt UmunhumMUM521005.4From the junction of Hicks road to the summitMap 1999
Mtn CharlieMTC512005.4Glenwood Dr to Summit RdMap 1989
Native SonsNAS46501.5From Gate to Star Hill RoadMap 09/2008Paul Metz
Norris CanyonNCR35652.1/3.2Norris Canyon Road from Crow Canyon Road to summit -- or -- Norris Canyon road from Iron Horse Trail to summitMap Alt-1 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Old CalaverasOCV56042.1Start at Evans Road climb untill you reach Downing Rd. Turn left and go to Sandy Wool Lake.Map 02/2008Joe Farinha
Old La Honda EastOLE514753.9Portola Rd to Skyline BlvdMap 1989
Old La Honda WestOLW49312.45Base of La Honda Rd to Skyline BlvdMap 02/2008Deborah Lefferts
Old Santa Cruz HwyOSS412104.5/8.1Lexington (school or dam) to Summit RdMap 1990
On OrbitONO65400.8Bohlman to top end of Apollo Heights Ct.Map 01/2012Don Axtell
OverlookOVL46801.6Overlook Road (Los Gatos) from Wissahickon Ave. to the end -- or -- Overlook Road from Wissahickon Ave; turn left at Sheldon, climb to the end.Map Alt-1 09/2008Mark Pryor
Page Mill LowerPML47012.5Page Mill from Arastradero Rd to Moody Rd.Map 07/2009Franz Kelsch
Page Mill UpperPMU514835.8Page Mill from Moody to Skyline BlvdMap 07/2009Franz Kelsch
Palmetto SkylinePLS45801.7Start Palmetto Ave. and Monterey Dr. in Pacifica. Go north 0.8 mi., L. on Crenshaw and go 256 feet. Right on Skyline, then 0.9 mi. to top at the water tank/Oceanside Dr.Map 01/2016Jon Kaplan
PalomaresPLN410905.1Sunol: from Niles Canyon Rd to summit -- or -- Castro Valley: from Palo Verde Rd to summitMap Alt-1 1989
Panoche WestPRW4168019.8Panoche Rd from Paicines to the summitMap 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Parker RanchPKR66091.6From Prospect Rd to summit of Parker Ranch Ct, then to the top of Rolling Hills.Map 01/2017Minh Nguyen
Patterson PassPPE410004.0/9.4Livermore: Greenville Rd to summit -- or -- Tracy: Grant Line Rd to summitMap Alt-1 1999
Peach Hill/OjaiPHO49902.6Peach Hill from Piedmont, Lancaster Rd from Austin Wy, L on Matilija to summit at the corner of Matilija at OjaiMap 1999
PescaderoPCE410259.9Stage Rd to summit, from La Honda optionalMap 1996
PinehurstPHR48503.9Canyon Road to Skyline Map 10/2008Patrice Carney
Pinehurst/RedwoodPIR37406.8Pinehurst starting at Canyon Rd. head south, turn left onto Redwood, continue to Chabot Park staging area.Map 07/2009Jon Kaplan
Pole LinePLL65251.6Hecker Pass to summitMap 1999
Polhemus LoopPOL35575.6North on Skyline from Hwy 92. Right on Crystal Springs, right on Polhemus to Ralston, bike path back to Canada -- or -- Start at Skyline and Crystal Springs Rd. Descend Crystal Springs, right onto Polhemus to Ralston, right onto bike path to Canada, left onto Hwy 92 and right onto Skyline to the Crystal Springs Dam.Map Alt-1 02/2008Deborah Lefferts
Portola State ParkPTP511903.5Portola State Park to Alpine RdMap 1996
Quien SabeQNS520708.4Hwy 25 @ Tres Pinos to gateMap 1999
Quimby EastQBE55451.2Mt.Hamilton Rd to summitMap 1999
Quimby WestQBW617003.4Murillo to summitMap 1989
RamonaRAM69081.5Starting at Los Trancos Rd, take Ramona Rd and left top of Vista Verde WayMap 12/2012John Pugliese
RedwoodRRR4140011.3Redwood Road, starting at Seven Hills Rd in Castro Valley and ending at Skyline Blvd in the Oakland hills.Map 03/2009Paul Greene
Redwood EstatesRWE69052.2Holy City @ Old Santa Cruz Hwy to Summit RdMap 1999
Redwood GulchRWG66501.5Stevens Canyon Rd to Hwy 9Map 1989
Regnart RoadRGN65501.6Regnart Road, Cupertino, from Bubb Road to end of road.Map 01/2012Mark Pryor
ReynoldsREY56611.2Start at the base of Hicks and Reynolds. Ends at the ParkMap 01/2008Deborah Lefferts
Robinson CanyonRBC514005Carmel Valley Rd to summitMap 1999
Rodeo GulchRDG47905.4Soquel Dr to Laurel Glen RdMap 1999
Rolling HillsRLH65301.2Morgan Hill: Woodland Ave and Rolling Hills Dr to gateMap 1999
San Antonio ValleySAV4100013San Antonio Junction to Isabel Creek Bridge -- or -- Isabel Creek Bridge to San Antonio JunctionMap Alt-1 01/2015David Bradley
San Benancio CanyonSBC411704.4Monterey: Hwy 68 to summitMap 1999
San Bruno MountainSBM511003.7Daly City: Market St and Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy from Hillside Blvd, to end of Radio Rd (San Bruno Mtn. State Park) -- or -- Brisbane: Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy from Bayshore Blvd, to end of Radio Rd.Map Alt-1 04/2008Pat Parseghian
San FelipeSAF47564.7Farnsworth to SummitMap 01/2008Michael McGeough
San Juan GradeSJN38754.5San Juan Bautista: Hwy 156 or Crazy Horse to summitMap 1999
SanbornSNB64701.4Hwy 9 to Youth Hostel, Sanborn County Park optionalMap 1989
Santa AnitaSAA49447.4Santa Anita from Quien Sabe to gate at end of road.Map 01/2010Franz Kelsch
Sarahills/Old OakSOO55741.9Two adjacent hills off Pierce Road in Saratoga. One leg is a ride up Old Oak Way, from Pierce to the gate across the road. Descend to Pierce, turn right and cross the small bridge, then climb Sarahills to the summit.Map Alt-1 01/2014Nick Shain
Shannon/KennedySKE37903.6Hicks Rd to Los Gatos Blvd do both, either directionMap 1996
SierraSRR518303.7Piedmont Rd to summitMap 1989
Silver Creek Valley RdSCV45301.4Hellyer to SummitMap 01/2008Michael McGeough
Sky Meadow/LodgeSML36413.7Big Basin Park: from Hwy 236 Wahasi Campground sign to park boundaryMap 02/2019Lou Galbiati
Skyline North 1SN1381010.3from Hwy 9 to Bear Creek RdMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 2SN249606.4from Page Mill to Hwy 9Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 3SN348205.8from Old La Honda to Page MillMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 4SN449607.0from Kings Mtn to Old La HondaMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 5SN5413506.9from Hwy 92 to Kings MtnMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 1SS14128010.3from Bear Creek Rd to Hwy 9Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 2SS2395013.6from Hwy 9 to Hwy 84Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 3SS3412505.6from Hwy 84 to Kings MtnMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 4SS435364.5Skyline from Crystal Springs Dam to Trousdale DrMap 03/2009Russell Stevens
Skyline/Grizzly PeakSGP49489.62Oakland: Skyline & Redwood Road to Grizzly Peak and South Park Road.Map 01/2010Paul Metz
Skyview TerraceSVT66062.4From Summit Rd, take Sunset, Evergreen, Deerfield, Skyview Terrace, either way.Map 10/2012Don Axtell
Smith GradeSGE47905.3Empire Grade to Bonny Doon, either directionMap 1999
Soda SpringsSDS524005.6Alma Bridge Rd to gateMap 1999
Soquel-San JoseSSJ415307.9Laurel Glen Rd to Summit RdMap 1989
StageSTG310559.7Pescadero: Pescadero to Hwy 1 -- or -- Tunitas Creek to Pescadero -- or -- 84 to Hwy 1, U-turn at Hwy 1, go to PescaderoMap Alt-1 Alt-2 1996
Star Hill/SwettSHS410714.3Bottom gate of Star Hill Rd to Skyline Blvd via Swett RdMap 2002
Stetson/SkylandSSN48555.5Soquel/SJ Rd to Highland Way, either directionMap 1999
Stevens CanyonSTC35605.5Following Stevens Canyon starting at Montebello, 1.3 miles southeast to Mt. Eden, turning right to stay on Stevens Canyon, then 3.2 miles (1.5 past Redwood Gulch) to end (gate).Map 08/2009Jon Kaplan
SummitSUM37024.0Summit Road from Old Santa Cruz Hwy to Bear Creek Rd. Optional loop on Old Summit RdMap 11/2009Paul Greene
Summit SpringsSUS65000.7Summit Springs Rd from Tripp Rd in Woodside -- or -- lower Summit Springs Rd plus Patrol RdMap Alt-1 04/2008Deborah Lefferts
SuncrestSCT56101.3Piedmont Rd to summitMap 2004
SwantonSWN44806.6Davenport: Hwy 1 to Hwy 1, either directionMap 1999
Sweeney RidgeSNS59153Sneath Lane from Skyline Blvd. to the abandoned military station on top of Sweeny Ridge. Sweeny Ridge has a gate that needs to be walked through. Then the road is closed to cars but remains paved to the top which is about another 1.75 miles. Map 01/2011Vince Cummings
SweigertSWR45021.4 Start on Piedmont Rd& Old Piedmont Rd. make a right on Sweigert to the gate.Map 02/2008Joe Farinha
Tartan TrailTTR56001.10Tartan Trail Road from Crystal Springs Road to Black Mountain Road Map 03/2009Brian Chun
Thomas GradeTMG45041.5Hill Ave and Dunne Ave. up Thomas Grade to endMap 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Tunitas CreekTNC519506Lobitos Creek Cutoff to SkylineMap 1989
Via Santa Teresa/Scenic VistaVSS66401.1Starting at Harry Rd, take Henwood Rd, right onto Via Santa Teresa, right onto Scenic Vista Dr to end of road -- or -- Starting at Graystone Lane, take Via Santa Teresa and left onto Scenic Vista Dr to end of roadMap Alt-1 1999
Welch CreekWLC619103.8Calaveras Rd (near Sunol Regional Park) to gateMap 1999
WestridgeWSR48965.8Westridge Road between Alpine Road and Portola Road, both ways (round trip).Map 01/2011Brian Chun
Wildcat CanyonWLD35912.5Orinda: Wildcat Canyon Rd from Camino Pablo to South Park DriveMap 01/2015Jon Kaplan
Wrights StationWRS46301.4Bridge at Wrights Station to Summit RdMap 1999
Yerba Buena/HasslerYBH45302.2Yerba Buena from Silver Creek Road, right on Silver Creek Valley Road, right on Hassler to summit. Optional from Larkspur Canyon.Map Alt-1 02/2008Michael McGeough
ZayanteZYN5171011.5Graham Hill Rd to Summit Rd, Quail Hollow Rd optionalMap 1989
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 70)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
Angora LakesANG410864.5From Tahoe Mountain Road and Lake Tahoe Blvd to Angora Lakes. Equivalent route from Fallen Leaf Lake.Map 01/2015Steve Ching
Armstrong WoodsAWR612522.39Russian River area, Armstrong Redwoods picnic area to Overlook, Bullfrog Pond Campground optional; 15% Average Grade for 1.4 miles, 21% sectionsMap 08/2008Michael McGeough
Barker PassBRK4166814.3Start at Lake Tahoe, Hwy 89. Out and back on Barker Pass Road.Map 01/2016Stephen Ching
Bitterwater BTW4149013.1From King City, Metz Road at Bitterwater Road to the SummitMap 03/2009Patrice Carney
Blue LakesBLL3130011Tahoe Area: From the parking lot at the intersection of Blues Lake Roadand Highway 88. Map 01/2011K.L. Seh
Bristlecone Pine ForestES46308210.1Bishop area: Start on White Mountain Rd and Hwy 168, east of Big Pine. End at the Schulman Grove Visitor Center.Map Howard Morris
Calaveras Big TreesCBT5150011.2Starting at parking area within Calaveras Big Trees St Park, ride Big Trees Parkway to the Stanislaus bridge and climb to end of the road (beyond South Grove). Return via same route.Map 01/2018Bruce Simpson
Carson PassCAP516738.8Tahoe Area: from Hwy 88/89 junction to Carson Pass SummitMap 03/2008Michael McGeough
CavedaleCVD519455.2From CA-12 to summitMap 01/2017Christine Nguyen
Coleman Valley EastCVE4102210.2Russian River area, Coleman Valley from Occidental to HWY 1Map 08/2008Michael McGeough
Coleman Valley WestCVW5159110.2Russian River area, Coleman Valley from HWY 1 to OccidentalMap 08/2008Michael McGeough
Death Valley Rd WestES85372213.8Start at junction of Death Valley Rd and CA 168, 2.2 miles east of 395 at Big Pine. End at an unmarked but obvious summit.Map Howard Morris
Del VenturiDVT4180217.1Fort Hunter Liggett and Los Padres National Forest: from Mission Road to Memorial Park CampgroundMap 02/2019Lou Galbiati
Ebbetts Pass EastEPE5283510.75Tahoe Area: Wolf Creek Road to SummitMap 03/2008Michael McGeough
Ebbetts Pass WestEPW519005.03Tahoe Area: Hermit Valley Campground to SummitMap 03/2008Michael McGeough
Echo LakeECL512073.6Lake Tahoe area. From Old Meyers Grade Road and S. Upper Truckee Road. Cross Highway 50 and continue on Echo Lakes Road to the lodge by the lake.Map 01/2011K.L. Seh
Fairfax-Bolinas EastFBE5190010Fairfax-Bolinas Road from Fairfax to Ridgecrest BlvdMap 10/2008Mark Pryor
Fairfax-Bolinas WestFBW415104.4Fairfax-Bolinas Road from Highway 1 to Ridgecrest Road.Map 08/2008Mark Pryor
Fort Ross EastFRE420608.9Russian River area, from Cazadro Rd to Meyers GradeMap 07/2009Don Axtell
Fort Ross WestFRW613702.2Russian River area, from HWY to SeaviewMap 03/2009Deborah Hoag
Geysers EastGYE528449.6Russian River area, Geysers Rd heading west from Red Winery to SummitMap 03/2009Russell Stevens
Geysers WestGYW6346515.8Geysers Road heading east from River Road, Cloverdale to summitMap 01/2010Mark Pryor
Glacier Lodge RdES35374711.7Start: From 395 in Big Pine, drive 6/10 mile on west on Crocker St. Climb begins on Crocker St and ends at end of the road.Map Howard Morris
Hauser BridgeHAU512007.0Hauser Bridge Rd and Sea View Rd, from Kings Ridge Rd to Timber Cove Rd, either direction. Russian River area.Map 01/2016Don Axtell
Horseshoe MeadowsES96623419Start at intersection of Lubken Canyon Rd and 395, 2.6 miles south of Lone Pine. After riding 3.2 miles on Lubken Cyn, turn left onto Horseshoe Meadows Rd. Turn right at mile 18.8 to the crest of the hill.Map Howard Morris
Hwy 4 to Bear ValleyBRV4392425.56STTS: Arnold to Bear ValleyMap 03/2008Michael McGeough
Hwy 46 East46E4167013.9GWBR area, from Vine St to Summit, Santa Rosa Creek or Old Creek summits optionalMap 07/2009Don Axtell
Hwy 46 West46W418607.1GWBR area, from Hwy 1 to SummitMap 07/2009Don Axtell
Joy RdJOY510904.7Russian River area, from Bodega Rd to Coleman Valley RdMap 07/2009Don Axtell
Kings RidgeKRR5263016.3Russian River area, from Cazadero Rd to Tin Barn RdMap 07/2009Don Axtell
Lake SabrinaES7412943.9Start on CA 168 (Line Rd)at intersection of Red Hill Rd (3.2 miles west of 395 in Bishop). End at a small parking area at Lake Sabrina.Map Howard Morris
Los AlamosLAR516114.0Santa Rosa: Los Almos Road from Sonoma Highway 12 to the summit. Hood Mountain Regional Park is about 5.5 miles away from the start location. Map 03/2009Rick Collins
Luther PassLUP413907South Lake Tahoe: Start at Hwy 50 and S. Upper Truckee Road, cross over Hwy 89 and continue on Upper Truckee Road which ends back on Hwy 89. Climb Hwy 89 and end at the Luther Pass sign (at 7740 feet).Map 01/2011K.L. Seh
Meyers GradeMEY612254.9Russian River area, from Hwy 1 to Fort Ross RdMap 07/2009Don Axtell
Mix CanyonMXC622544.6Near Vacaville, Mix Canyon road from Pleasant Valley Road to end of pavement.Map 01/2012Franz Kelsch
Monitor Pass EastMPE532378.06Tahoe Area: Hwy 395 to SummitMap 03/2008Michael McGeough
Monitor Pass WestMPW533008.04Tahoe Area: Hwy 4 to SummitMap 03/2008Michael McGeough
Nacimiento-FergusonNAF526007.0Big Sur Area: from HWY 1 to trail crossings at the summit. From Mission San Antonio optional.Map 08/2008Deborah Hoag
New IdriaNID510324.2From first crossing of (dry) San Carlos Creek to the abandoned mining townMap 01/2017Lou Galbiati
NV: Geiger GradeNV4522809.2NV: Geyser Grade from Hwy 395 to Geiger Pass SummitMap 11/2009Don Axtell
NV: Kingsbury Grade EastKBE530228.0NV: From Foothill Rd to the summitMap 04/2008
NV: Kingsbury Grade WestKBW410403.15NV: Lake Tahoe Blvd, (HWY 50), to the summit, (Daggett Pass)Map 04/2008Michael McGeough
NV: Mt Rose Hwy EastNV25432516.3NV: Hwy 395 to SummitMap 11/2009Don Axtell
NV: Mt Rose Hwy WestNV1424318.22NV: Highway 431 from Tahoe Blvd (Hwy 28) to SummitMap 08/2009Barry Chaffin
NV: Virginia City SouthNV3517257.3NV: Hwy 341, from Hwy 50 to Virginia City, Hwy 342 optionalMap 11/2009Don Axtell
Old CreekOCR515709.1GWBR area, Old Creek Road from Hwy 1 near Morro Bay to Hwy 46.Map 03/2009Franz Kelsch
Old Donner Pass EastODP411733.6From the junction of Donner Pass Road and Donner Lake Road to Summit.Map 01/2018Greg Olsen
Onion ValleyONV6509512.95Eastern Sierras: Onion Valley Road from just outside the town of Independence to the campgroundMap 08/2009Gregg Shores
Pacific GradePGS510042.58Start at Hermit Valley Campground on CA 4, 5 miles west of Ebbetts Pass. End at Pacific Grade Summit sign at Mosquito LakesMap Howard Morris
Panoche EastPRE39807.7Panoche Rd from Panoche Inn to summit (<1000 ft grandfathered in)Map 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Peachy CanyonPCY413105.8GWBR area: from Vine St, 6th to Pacific to Peachy Cyn to 2nd summit. From Vineyard optional.Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Pine CreekES1431958.6Start on Pine Creek Rd, 1.6 miles from junction 395, to gate at end of public road.Map Howard Morris
Ridgecrest BlvdRIG46393.8Marin County: Ridgecrest Blvd from Fairfax-Bolinas Rd to Pan Toll Rd. (<1000 ft grandfathered in)Map 01/2016Mark Pryor
Rock Creek LowerESA525729.4Start: Lower Rock Creek Rd at the Inyo County Line (Boundary Rd on left). Bike up Lower Rock Crk Rd to junction with 395Map 01/2014Don Axtell
Rock Creek UpperES25320110.6Start at Toms Place on Hwy 395 north of Bishop. Ride ends at Mosquito Flat trail head.Map Howard Morris
Santa Rosa CkSRC5171016.0GWBR area, from Cambria to Hwy 46Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Scaggs SpringsSSR6438031.9Russian River area, Cloverdale, Scaggs Creek Rd from Warm Springs Dam to Tin Barn RdMap 03/2009Russell Stevens
Sonora Pass EastSPE630959.6Start on CA 108, 5.2 miles west from 108/395 junctions, where grade increases. End at Sonora Pass.Map Howard Morris
Sonora Pass WestSPW633549.1 Starts on CA 108 at turnoff to Kennedy Meadows Resort and Baker campground. Ends at Sonora Pass.Map Howard Morris
South Lake LowerES55331711.7Start on CA 168 (Line Rd)at intersection of Red Hill Rd (3.2 miles west of 395 in Bishop). End at intersection of South Lake Rd and CA 168.Map Howard Morris
South Lake UpperES6519327Start at junction of S. Lake Rd and CA 168, 15 miles west of 395 in Bishop. Ends at a small parking area just above South Lake at the end of the road.Map Howard Morris
Spicer ReservoirSPR4182618.3Near Bear Valley. Start at Hwy 4 and Spicer Reservoir Rd. Go out to Spicer Reservoir and back. 9 miles each way.Map 01/2014Steve Crocker
Sweetwater Springs EastSSE5159910.2Russian River area, Westside Road to Armstrong Woods RoadMap 08/2008Michael McGeough
Sweetwater Springs WestSSW5162610.2Russian River area, Armstrong Woods Road to Westside RoadMap 08/2008Michael McGeough
Tioga Pass EastTPE5290012Eastern Sierra: Hwy 395 to Yosemite entranceMap 01/2011Gregg Shores
Trinity GradeTRG415093.75Santa Rosa: Glen Ellen, CA: Trinity Rd from Hwy 12 to SummitMap 03/2009Russell Stevens
Vineyard CanyonVNC4201414.8From Indian Valley Road to summit. From Parkfield optional.Map 01/2016Lou Galbiati
Westgard PassESB5344813.8Bishop area: bike east from Big Pine on CA 168 to the summit, just after the junction with White Mountain Rd.Map 01/2014Don Axtell
Whitney PortalWNP6458011.3Start at intersection of Whitney Portal Rd and LA Aquaduct, .6 mile west of 395 in Lone Pine. End at Whitney Portal store just beyond Mt Whitney trail head.Map Howard Morris
Woodfords CanyonWFC414305.8Tahoe area: From Woodfords to Hwy 88/89 junction.Map 01/2014Steve Ching

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