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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 8)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
Bear CreekBCW416359.2Boulder Creek: Start at Hwy 9, finish at Skyline Blvd. CAUTION: heavy traffic during morning commute hoursMap 1989
China GradeCGL69703.5Big Basin: Start at lower Hwy 236, finish at upper Hwy 236Map 1989
Hwy 236HBB4160013.2Big Basin: Start at lower China Grade, through Big Basin, finish at Hwy 9Map Alt-1 1993
Hwy 236 UpperHBU37244.7Big Basin: Start at Hwy 9, finish at upper China Grade. NOTE: first 3.1 miles are sufficient for the goat.Map 11/2009Jon Kaplan
Hwy 9 South Lower9SL48657.8Boulder Creek: Start at the lower intersection with Hwy 236, finish at the upper intersection with Hwy 236Map 01/2016Pat Parseghian
Hwy 9 South Upper9SU413106.0Big Basin: Start at upper Hwy 236, finish at Skyline BlvdMap 07/2008
Jamison CreekJMC614802.9Boulder Creek: Start at Hwy 236, finish at Empire GradeMap 1989
Sky Meadow/LodgeSML38434.4(TEMPORARY ALTERNATE DUE TO PARK CLOSURE) Big Basin: Start on Hwy 236 at old park headquarters, ride towards Boulder Creek, left at Lodge Road, finish at gate (park boundary)Map 02/2019Lou Galbiati
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 0)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter

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