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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 9)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
Carr/AnzarCAE34705.9San Juan Bautista: Start on Anzar Rd at San Juan Hwy, left onto Carr Ave, finish at Carpenteria Rd in Aromas -- OR —Start on Carr Ave at Carpenteria Rd in Aromas, right onto Anzar Rd, finish at San Juan Hwy.Map Alt-1 1999
CienegaCIN3102518.1Hollister: From Union Rd to Hwy 25 (Jon Kaplan Memorial), either direction -- or -- Paicines: From Hwy 25 (Jon Kaplan Memorial) to De Rose Winery and back -- or -- Hollister: From Union Rd to De Rose Winery and backMap Alt-1 Alt-2 1999
Crazy HorseCRZ36306.4San Juan Bautista: Start at San Juan Grade on Crazy Horse Canyon Rd, straight onto Echo Valley Rd, finish at Maher Rd. Either way.Map 01/2015Dan Swanson
Fremont PeakFMP5287010.6San Juan Bautista: Start at Mission Vinyard Rd on San Juan Canyon Rd, finish at the Fremont Peak State Park upper parking lot.Map 1989
Lone TreeLNT5269010.7Hollister: Start at Fairview Rd, finish at the end of road.Map 1999
Panoche WestPRW4168019.8Paicines: Start at Hwy 25, finish at the summitMap 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Quien SabeQNS520708.7Hollister: Start at Hwy 25, right to remain on Quien Sabe, left to remain on Quien Sabe, finish at end of roadMap 1999
San Juan GradeSJN38754.5San Juan Bautista: Hwy 156 to summit -- or -- Crazy Horse Canyon Rd to summitMap Alt-1 1999
Santa AnitaSAA49447.4Hollister: Start at Quien Sabe Rd, finish at end of roadMap 01/2010Franz Kelsch
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 0)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter

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