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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location.
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Ride List

Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 6)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter
Kings MountainKGM516705.0Woodside Rd to Skyline BlvdMap 1989
Old La Honda EastOLE514753.9Portola Rd to Skyline BlvdMap 1989
Skyline North 4SN449607.0from Kings Mtn to Old La HondaMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 5SN5413506.9from Hwy 92 to Kings MtnMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 3SS3412505.6from Hwy 84 to Kings MtnMap 01/2008Don Axtell
Summit SpringsSUS65000.7Summit Springs Rd from Tripp Rd in Woodside -- or -- lower Summit Springs Rd plus Patrol RdMap Alt-1 04/2008Deborah Lefferts
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 0)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapAddedSubmitter

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