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Billy Goats
Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location or Times to see the King of the Mountain climb times.
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Bay Area Billy Goats (Total 81)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapTimesAddedSubmitter
3 Bears LoopTBL4162918.8Loop is East of Richmond, around Briones & San Pablo reservoirs. Start anywhere in the loop, ride Castro Ranch Road, Alhambra Valley Rd, Bear Creek Rd, San Pablo Dam Road. Map 08/2008Scott Francks
Aldercroft HeightsALH45974.2Start from Alma Bridge Road to the end; Round trip out and back Map 01/2012Don Axtell
AltamontALT46062.2Altamont Rd from Moody to Page Mill Rd. Map 07/2009Christopher Larson
Bear CreekBCW416359.2Boulder Creek: Hwy 9 to Skyline Blvd Map 1989
BernalBRN45001.1Santa Teresa to the hilltop parking area before the IBM gate. Map KOM 1999
Bridle PathBPE45633.6Bridle Path Dr and Estates Dr from New Rd to Roop Rd Map 1/2018John Hughes
Bunker McCulloughBMC45732.3Eastbound from Bunker Road/Field Road T-section to McCullough Road. Ends at McCullough Rd. and Conzelman Rd. Map 1/2018Hien Lam
Cachagua LoopCCN4160014.0Carmel Valley Rd to summit near Sky Ranch, either direction Map 1999
Calaveras/BacksideCLN49743.7From Welch Creek to the dam Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Calaveras/LowerCLL47302.4From Piedmont to the junction of Felter Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Calaveras/Upper CLU45006.9From the junction of Felter to the dam, either way. Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Canada LoopCNN4102017.0Include Gilroy Hot Springs Rd & Canada Rd, either way Map 1989
Carmel ValleyCVN4237020.4/10.4Laureles Grade or Arroyo Seco Rd to summit, either way Map 1999
China Grade UpperCGU45702.33North of upper Hwy 236, to end of pavememnt Map 01/2010Don Axtell
ClaytonCYT48405.2Marten Ave @ Mt Pleasant Rd to Mt. Hamilton Road Map 1996
ConzelmanCOR46502North end of Golden Gate bridge to top of Cozumel (view point) Map 10/2008Megan Nguyen
Corral de TierraCDT48005.6 Corral de Tierra from Robley to San Benancio Map 11/2009Jon Kaplan
Corral HollowCHE4100011.4Mines Rd or Hwy 5 to summit Map 1999
CroyCRY46304.5Uvas Rd to Uvas County Park Map 1991
Del ValleDVE4136010.4Mines Rd to Del Valle Res & back Map 1999
Empire Grade MiddleEGM47703.3Smith Grade to Felton-Empire Map 1/1/2016Jon Kaplan
Empire Grade UpperEGU410047.8Felton-Empire to Jamison Creek Map 01/2012Don Axtell
Fairfax-Bolinas WestFBW415104.4Fairfax-Bolinas Road from Highway 1 to Ridgecrest Road. Map 08/2008Mark Pryor
FelterFEL412736.2Felter Road from Calaveras to the Summit of Sierra Road. Map 01/2008Ken Goldman
Granite CreekGNC46003.3Branciforte Dr to summit in Scotts Valley Map 1999
Grizzly PeakGRP410157.8All of Grizzly Peak Blvd from Wildcat Canyon in Berkeley to Skyline Blvd in Oakland. Map 03/2009Paul Greene
Hellyer/HasslerHEH45733.31Hellyer and Silver Creek Valley Road to Hassler Summit Map 01/2008Michael McGeough
Hwy 236HBB4160013.3Lower China Grade, through Big Basin, to upper Hwy 9 Map 1993
Hwy 84 West 84W410506.7Hwy 84 from Pescadero Rd to Skyline Map KOM 09/2008David Hoag
Hwy 9 North Lower9NL49863.9From 6th Street and Big Basin Way, to Redwood Gulch Road intersection Map 01/2011Mark Pryor
Hwy 9 South Lower9SL48657.8Hwy 9 from the lower intersection with Hwy 236 in Boulder Creek to the upper intersection with Hwy 236 at Waterman Gap. Rename existing Hwy 9 South goat to Hwy 9 South Upper. Map 1/1/2016Pat Parseghian
Hwy 9 South Upper9SU413106.0Upper Hwy 236 to Skyline Map 07/2008
JeffersonJEF45852.1Redwood City: Alameda de la Pulgas to Wilmington Ave. Map 01/2008Leslie C. Battersby
Larkin Valley/WhiteLVW46003.8From Bonita Dr to Freedom Blvd, either way. Alternate route from San Andreas/Mar Monte, either way. Map 10/2012Don Axtell
Las AnimasLAS483010.9Starts San Felipe summit, descends past Metcalf and onto Las Animas to the Pratt-Whitney gate, then climbs back up and onto Metcalf, ending at motorcycle park. Can be either direction Map 1/2018Bruce Simpson
Laureles GradeLGN410703.4Hwy 68 or Carmel Valley Rd to summit, Toro optional Map 1999
Lobitos CreekLBC46704.1Verde Rd to Tunitas Creek Rd Map 1999
Magdalena/Olive TreeMOT4692/6304.0/3.0From Foothill Expressway, Magdalenda right on Blandor, right on Olive Tree to end at RS07 Gate. Alternate - From Moody Rd at Tepa Way via Summit Wood/La Loma to the top of Olive Tree Map 09/2008Paul Metz
Mill CreekMIC415004.4Fremont: Mill Creek Road from Mission Blvd to Summit Map 04/2008Deborah Lefferts
MinesMIN4255026Livermore: Del Valle Rd to San Antonio Junction Map 1999
Mines UpperMIU49345.1The Junction to Livermore on Mines Rd until second crest (Elyar Ridge) Map 1/2015Jon Kaplan
MoodyMDR46362.9Starts at Moody Rd & El Monte Rd. Ends at Page Mill Rd. Map 02/2008Eric Hamilton
Mt Eden/PierceMEN46003.5Hwy 9 to Stevens Canyon Rd, do both, either direction Map 1989
Native SonsNAS46501.5From Gate to Star Hill Road Map 09/2008Paul Metz
Old La Honda WestOLW49312.45Base of La Honda Rd to Skyline Blvd Map 02/2008Deborah Lefferts
Old Santa Cruz HwyOSS412104.5/8.1Lexington (school or dam) to Summit Rd Map 1990
OverlookOVL46801.6Overlook Road (Los Gatos) from Wissahickon Ave. to the end. Option: Turn left at Sheldon, climb to the end. Map 09/2008Mark Pryor
Page Mill LowerPML47012.5Page Mill from Arastradero Rd to Moody Rd. Map KOM 07/2009Franz Kelsch
Palmetto SkylinePLS45801.7 milesStart Palmetto Ave. and Monterey Dr. in Pacifica. Go north 0.8 mi., L. on Crenshaw and go 256 feet. Right on Skyline, then 0.9 mi. to top at the water tank/Oceanside Dr. Map 1/1/2016Jon Kaplan
PalomaresPLN410904.5Sunol: Niles Canyon Rd or Castro Valley: Palo Verde Rd to summit Map 1989
Panoche EastPRE498027.4Panoche Inn to Paicines Map 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Panoche WestPRW4168027.4Paicines to Panoche Inn via the Panoche Higway Map 01/2008Franz Kelsch
Patterson PassPPE410004.0/9.4Livermore: Greenville Rd or Grant Line Rd, to summit Map 1999
Peach Hill/OjaiPHO49902.6Peach Hill from Piedmont, Lancaster Rd from Austin Wy, L on Matilija to summit at the corner of Matilija at Ojai Map 1999
PescaderoPCE410259.9Stage Rd to summit, from La Honda optional Map 1996
PinehurstPHR48503.9Canyon Road to Skyline Map 10/2008Patrice Carney
RedwoodRRR4140011.3Redwood Road, starting at Seven Hills Rd in Castro Valley and ending at Skyline Blvd in the Oakland hills. Map 03/2009Paul Greene
Ridgecrest BlvdRIG46393.8Marin County: Ridgecrest Blvd from Fairfax-Bolinas Rd to Pan Toll Rd. Map 1/1/2016Mark Pryor
Rodeo GulchRDG47905.4Soquel Dr to Laurel Glen Rd Map 1999
San Antonio ValleySAV4100013San Antonio Junction to Isabel Creek Bridge, either way. Map 1/2015David Bradley
San Benancio CanyonSBC411704.4Monterey: Hwy 68 to summit Map 1999
San FelipeSAF47564.7Farnsworth to Summit Map 01/2008Michael McGeough
Santa AnitaSAA49447.4Santa Anita from Quien Sabe to gate at end of road. Map 01/2010Franz Kelsch
Silver Creek Valley RdSCV45301.4Hellyer to Summit Map 01/2008Michael McGeough
Skyline North 2SN249606.4from Page Mill to Hwy 9 Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 3SN348205.8from Old La Honda to Page Mill Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 4SN449607.0from Kings Mtn to Old La Honda Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline North 5SN5413506.9from Hwy 92 to Kings Mtn Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 1SS14128010.3from Bear Creek Rd to Hwy 9 Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline South 3SS3412505.6from Hwy 84 to Kings Mtn Map 01/2008Don Axtell
Skyline/Grizzly PeakSGP49489.62Oakland: Skyline & Redwood Road to Grizzly Peak and South Park Road. Map 01/2010Paul Metz
Smith GradeSGE47905.3Empire Grade to Bonny Doon, either direction Map 1999
Soquel-San JoseSSJ415307.9Laurel Glen Rd to Summit Rd Map 1989
Star Hill/SwettSHS410714.3Bottom gate of Star Hill Rd to Skyline Blvd via Swett Rd Map 2002
Stetson/SkylandSSN48555.5Soquel/SJ Rd to Highland Way, either direction Map 1999
SwantonSWN44806.6Davenport: Hwy 1 to Hwy 1, either direction Map 1999
SweigertSWR45021.4 Start on Piedmont Rd& Old Piedmont Rd. make a right on Sweigert to the summit. Map 02/2008Joe Farinha
Thomas GradeTMG45041.5Hill Ave and Dunne Ave. up Thomas Grade to end Map KOM 01/2008Franz Kelsch
WestridgeWSR48965.8Westridge Road between Alpine Road and Portola Road, both ways (round trip). Map 01/2011Brian Chun
Wrights StationWRS46301.4Bridge at Wrights Station to Summit Rd Map 1999
Yerba Buena/HasslerYBH45302.2Yerba Buena from Silver Creek Road, right on Silver Creek Valley Road, right on Hassler to summit. Optional from Larkspur Canyon. Map 02/2008Michael McGeough
Out of Area Billy Goats (Total 19)
Billy GoatCodeDifficultyClimbMilesDescriptionMapTimesAddedSubmitter
Angora LakesANG410864.5From Tahoe Mountain Road and Lake Tahoe Blvd to Angora Lakes. Equivalent route from Fallen Leaf Lake. Map 1/2015Steve Ching
Barker PassBRK4166814.3Start at Lake Tahoe, Hwy 89. Out and back on Barker Pass Road. Map 1/1/2016Stephen Ching
Bitterwater BTW4149013.1From King City, Metz Road at Bitterwater Road to the Summit Map 03/2009Patrice Carney
Coleman Valley EastCVE4102210.2Russian River area, Coleman Valley from Occidental to HWY 1 Map 08/2008Michael McGeough
Fort Ross EastFRE420608.9Russian River area, from Cazadro Rd to Meyers Grade Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Hwy 4 to Bear ValleyBRV4392425.56STTS: Arnold to Bear Valley Map 03/2008Michael McGeough
Hwy 46 East46E4167013.9GWBR area, from Vine St to Summit, Santa Rosa Creek or Old Creek summits optional Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Hwy 46 West46W418607.1GWBR area, from Hwy 1 to Summit Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Lake SabrinaES7412943.9Start on CA 168 (Line Rd)at intersection of Red Hill Rd (3.2 miles west of 395 in Bishop). End at a small parking area at Lake Sabrina. Map Howard Morris
Luther PassLUP413907South Lake Tahoe: Start at Hwy 50 and S. Upper Truckee Road, cross over Hwy 89 and continue on Upper Truckee Road which ends back on Hwy 89. Climb Hwy 89 and end at the Luther Pass sign (at 7740 feet). Map 01/2011K.L. Seh
NV: Kingsbury Grade WestKBW410403.15NV: Lake Tahoe Blvd, (HWY 50), to the summit, (Daggett Pass) Map 04/2008Michael McGeough
NV: Mt Rose Hwy WestNV1424318.22NV: Highway 431 from Tahoe Blvd (Hwy 28) to Summit Map 08/2009Barry Chaffin
Old Donner Pass EastODP411733.6From the junction of Donner Pass Road and Donner Lake Road to Summit. Map 1/2018Greg Olsen
Peachy CanyonPCY413105.8GWBR area: from Vine St, 6th to Pacific to Peachy Cyn to 2nd summit. From Vineyard optional. Map 07/2009Don Axtell
Pine CreekES1431958.6Start on Pine Creek Rd, 1.6 miles from junction 395, to gate at end of public road. Map Howard Morris
Spicer ReservoirSPR4182618.3Near Bear Valley. Start at Hwy 4 and Spicer Reservoir Rd. Go out to Spicer Reservoir and back. 9 miles each way. Map 1/2014Steve Crocker
Trinity GradeTRG415093.75Santa Rosa: Glen Ellen, CA: Trinity Rd from Hwy 12 to Summit Map 03/2009Russell Stevens
Vineyard CanyonVNC4201414.8From Indian Valley Road to summit. From Parkfield optional. Map 1/1/2016Lou Galbiati
Woodfords CanyonWFC414305.8Tahoe area: From Woodfords to Hwy 88/89 junction. Map 1/2014Steve Ching

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