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  Marcia Wire's Route Sheets

Marcia Wire has generously organized and shared her collection of route sheets from many years of Tortoises Climbing Hills. Climbing difficulty and distance are included, where possible.

Route NameRatingDistance
Alba 620
Aldercroft Heights OSC and Summit 418
Alpine East and Old LaHonda E. 527
Alpine East and Westridge 427
Altamont and Elena Taafe 416
Aztec Ridge and Blackberry Hill 67
Bailey Buffalo and Llagas WS 335
Bear Gulch W Skyline Kings 335
Bernal Rd 417
Black Rd and Montevina 514
Calaveras Lower Upper Back 440
Cienega Road 332
Clayton 421
Clayton Quimby E; Chaboya opt. 521
Coyote Hills Park 228
Coyote Point Foster City Trail 220
Croy Road from Morgan Hill 429
Croy from Uvas Dam 45
Elkhorn Slough 235
Empire Grade and Empire Grade Upper 530
Eureka Canyon and Hazel Dell 540
Filoli from McKenzie Park2?
Foster Rd and Aztec Ridge 616
Foster Rd and Shannon Kennedy 514
Harwood Santa Rosa 612
Harwood Santa Rosa and Hicks Trio 619
Highland Way and Eureka Canyon 532
Hwy 236 China Upper 236 Upper From Boulder Creek 439
Hwy 236 China Upper Hwy 9 South 4 647
Hwy 87 Bikeway 226
Iron Horse Trail 254
Kings Mtn Star Hill Native Sons 526
Llagas Willow Springs 316
Lobitos Creek and Higgins Purisima 526
Los Gatos Creek Trail 225
Los Gatos Saratoga Svl Ride 219
Mantelli Bluebell 518
Metcalf and San Felipe 520
Montego Hollow Lake 3?
Moody Page Mill Los Trancos 540
Moody and Page Mill Lower 417
Moody and Page Mill Upper 532
Mora and Magdalena Olive Tree 517
Mount Tamalpais 527
Mt Bache Loma Prieta Highland 523
Mt Eden P Redwood Gulch Sanborn 6 20mi.
Mt Eden Pierce and Stevens Cyn 422
Mt Hamilton Lower and Quimby E. 519
Mt. Pleasant Rd and Clayton Rd 422
OSC Wrights Stetson Skyland 425
Old Calaveras and Felter 521
Old LaHonda Skyline S3 Bear Gulch 528
Overlook Peach Hill Ojai 415
Overlook and Aztec Ridge 617
Page Mill Lower and Los Trancos 528
Palo Alto Bird Sanctuary 222
Palomares and Kilkare 436
Pescadero and Stage 432
Polhemus Tartan Trail Ralston via Crystal Springs 534
Polhemus and Tartan Trail 528
Quimby West Chaboya Aborn 613
Quimby West and Aborn 619
Rancho San Antonio Park 223
Redwood Estates and Mtn Charlie 616
Redwood Rd Grizzly Peak 454
Robinson Canyon and Aguajito 537
Rodeo Gulch and Granite Creek 424
Sanborn and Regnart 623
Saratoga Hills Cyn View maze 57
Saratoga Maze Grizzly 213
Sawyer Camp Trail 237
Shannon K Hicks Reynolds Mt Umunhum 528
Shannon Kennedy Hicks Trio 520
Shoreline to Foster City 243
Silver Creek Valley and San Felipe 417
Smith Swanton Bonny Doon 538
Stage and Pescadero 432
Stevens Creek Trail to Palo Alto 220
Sunnyvale Baylands 217
Sweigert and Higuera 626
Sweigert and Suncrest 510
Three Creeks Grizzly 220
Vasona Park to Saratoga Svl 218
Vista de Almaden Graystone Scenic Vista 416
Zayante Loch Lomond 523

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