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Ride Sweep Details for 2019

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Ride Date Rider Title Sweep
01/18/19Chasing Old Goats Member Rider
01/27/19M&M Explorers - Pt Lobos Gregory Olsen
01/28/19Crankin for Caffeine Harry Lichtbach
01/29/19Chasing Old Goats Gregory Olsen
02/07/19Riding the Eastside Member Rider
02/09/19Academy Staff Meeeting Uhin Lao
02/23/19Riding the Eastside David Lee
02/23/19Academy BDI-1 Harry Lichtbach
02/25/19Crankin for Caffeine Allen Herman
03/02/19Academy BDI-2 Sherman Lee
03/09/19Academy BDI-3 Sue Bialson
03/11/19Morgan Hill Easy Goats Dan Swanson
03/12/19Western Exploration Harry Lichtbach
03/17/19Somewhere over the Rainbow Tony Le
03/21/19Chasing Old Goats Millie Kitchin
03/23/19Campbell to Woodside with JoDorothy Peterson
03/23/19Academy BDI-4 Guest Rider
03/25/19Crankin for Caffeine Harry Lichtbach
03/26/19South County Old Ladies & GeJohn Shields
03/29/19Joyride - Penny Lane Barton Smith
03/30/19Academy BDI-5 Harry Lichtbach
03/31/19M&M Rollers Henry Coe Jean Gemmill
04/01/19Happy New Year Ride Member Rider
04/03/19Mills Hills John Blaine
04/09/19Western Exploration Anthony Flores
04/18/19Chasing Old Goats Dan Swanson
04/20/19BDII-1 Member Rider
04/21/19Panoche Inn and Beyond! James Harrison
04/22/19Crankin for Caffeine Damon Tarver
04/23/19Chasing Old Goats James Harrison
04/25/19Chasing Old Goats Brad Baker
04/27/19ACTC Academy BDII-2 Vinny Huynh
04/29/19Joyride - Morgan Hill Barton Smith
04/29/19Chasing Old Goats Dan Swanson
05/04/19ACTC Academy BDII-3 Paul Schutz
05/06/19Joyride - Alviso Anthony Flores
05/08/19Hump Night Ride - Hassler-MeJamey Slaton
05/11/19ACTC Academy BDII-4 Member Rider
05/12/19Chasing Old Goats Member Rider
05/12/19Gizdich Pies Jean Gemmill
05/18/19ACTC Academy BDII-5 Susan Francks
05/22/19Hump Night Ride - Hassler-MeJamey Slaton
05/23/19Chasing Old Goats Member Rider
05/23/19Portola Valley - Pescadero 1Guest Rider
05/27/19Crankin for Caffeine Allen Herman
05/27/19ACTC Academy BDII-5 SupplemeSusan Francks
05/28/19Almaden Explorer Hoanh Phan
05/28/19Chasing Old Goats Member Rider
05/29/19Hump Night Ride - Hassler-MeJamey Slaton
05/31/19Morgan Hill - Coyote Lk - GiJamey Slaton
06/01/19ACTC Academy Graduation RideMember Rider
06/04/19Los Gatos-Big Basin-Boulder James Harrison
06/04/19Chasing Old Goats Member Rider
06/05/19Hump Night Ride - Hassler-MeRosemary Slaton
06/07/19Joyride - Alviso Damon Tarver
06/09/19Tour de Fur Shawn Routhier
06/09/19Coastal Cooler Dorothy Peterson
06/13/19Somewhere over the Rainbow Dennis King
06/20/19Mtn Charlie Member Rider
06/23/19Monterey Jacks Jean Gemmill
06/29/19Guadalupe Loop Jean Gemmill
06/30/19Mt Diablo & Iron Horse TrailJean Gemmill
07/02/19South County Old Goats Harry Lichtbach
07/04/19Billy Jones Wildcat RailroadJean Gemmill
07/04/19Bailey Loop Stan Hightree
07/04/19July Fourth Ride Jamey Slaton
07/06/19M&M Rollers try Miramar Lou Galbiati
07/11/19Somewhere over the Rainbow Bill Jones
07/13/19Academy How We Teach class Member Rider
07/14/19Morgan Hill - Gilroy ExploreShawn Routhier
07/14/19Mt Tamalpais Loop Gregory Olsen
07/15/19Joyride - Morgan Hill Melanie Hyland
07/16/19Western Exploration Barton Smith
07/17/19Hump Night Ride - Hassler-MeJamey Slaton
07/21/19Morgan Hill - Coyote Lk - GiJamey Slaton
07/22/19Crankin for Caffeine Melanie Hyland
07/23/19Portola Valley - Pescadero 1Guy Neenan
07/26/19Early Start Ride Melanie Hyland
07/27/19Academy Bike Driving I-1 RG-Sherman Lee
07/27/19Academy Bike Driving I-1 RG-Member Rider
07/27/19Academy Bike Driving I-1 RG-Vinny Huynh
07/28/19Sunday Special Diane Kreiter
08/02/19Los Altos Exploration Harry Lichtbach
08/03/19Academy Bike Driving 1-2 RG-Paul Schutz
08/03/19Academy Bike Driving 1-2 RG-Herman Wadler
08/03/19Academy Bike Driving 1-2 RG-Uhin Lao
08/04/19Lunch at the Buttery in SantJean Gemmill
08/05/19Joyride - Alviso Melanie Hyland
08/08/19Alviso Taco Truck Barry Chaffin
08/10/19Bolinas Ridge Loop Jean Gemmill
08/10/19Academy Bike Driving 3-2 RG-Jacqueline Lawrence
08/10/19Academy Bike Driving 3-2 RG-David Stihler
08/12/19Joyride Melanie Hyland
08/24/19Flintstone House and DinosauJean Gemmill
08/26/19Crankin for Caffeine Melanie Hyland
08/27/19Roses to the Shore Rick Gilbert
08/30/19Morgan Hill - Coyote Lk - GiJamey Slaton
08/30/19Joyride Melanie Hyland
09/09/19Joyride - Alviso Melanie Hyland
09/14/19Academy BDII-1 RG#1 Sherman Lee
09/14/19Academy BDII-1 RG2 Marcia Furey
09/20/19Joyride - Morgan Hill Melanie Hyland
09/21/19Academy BDII-2 RG#1 Michael Curtis
09/21/19Academy BDII-2 RG#2 Marcia Furey
09/23/19Crankin for Caffeine Melanie Hyland
09/28/19Academy BDII-3 John Weller
09/30/19Joyride - Alviso Member Rider
10/05/19Academy BDII-4; RG#1 Susan Francks
10/05/19Academy BDII-4; RG#2 Harry Lichtbach
10/07/19Early Start Ride Stephen Ching
10/08/19Western Exploration Harry Lichtbach
10/12/19Academy BDII-5 RG#1 Harry Lichtbach
10/12/19Academy BDII-5 RG#2 Marcia Furey
113 Totals 113

Ride Sweep Criteria

  • Ride Sweep will assist the Ride Leader (and Co-Leader) with watching over the riders along the route, for the purposes of preventing riders from getting lost or accidently being left behind.
  • Ride Sweep is a club member appointed by the Ride Leader. No advance preparation is necessary.
  • Neither the Ride Leader nor the Co-Leader can get Ride Sweep credit, as this is an additional position.
  • Leader and Co-Leader credits are not affected, as they will still share the number of riders and rider-miles.
  • Ride Sweep credit is one credit per ride, and only one person can receive credit for a ride.
  • Ride Sweep credit is the same for any type of ride: Grizzly Bear, Billy Goat, or Mountain Goat.
  • Ride Sweep credits will be added to the Ride Leader credits when qualifying for the annual Ride Leader incentive prizes chosen by the Ride Coordinator. (ie. #sweep + #led + #coled = Total Leader credits)
  • Last updated 4/4/2011

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