by Donny Axtell

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Almaden Cycle Touring Club lists ride pace as part of the description for each ride listing. These are average speeds, assuming the ride is all on flat ground with no wind.

    SLSlow Leisurelybelow 10 mph
    LLeisurely 10 to 12 mph
    LMEasy Moderate 12 to 14 mph
    MModerate 14 to 16 mph
    MBHard Moderate 16 to 18 mph
    BBrisk 18 to 20 mph
    SStrenuous faster than 20 mph

Q: How can I find out my own pace level?
A: This is easy. Here's how :

  • Just ride your bike, and keep track of the total miles, average riding speed, and a good guess at the total feet of climbing for that ride.
  • Using this calculator, enter the distance, climbing and speed.
  • If you also enter your total time, then this calculator can also calculate the riding factor.
  • If you print this webpage, then the 1st page is these instructions and a 2nd page is a graph and table for keeping track of your own rides.
  • After entering a few rides, then it should become very clear what pace you are riding.
  • Here is a sample ridelog.
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User Text Input
Distance (miles)
Climbing (feet)
Average Speed (mph)
Total Time (h:mm)
Prediction Output
This is a Flat ride
Hilly Ratio (feet/mile)
Riding Time (h:mm)
Riding Factor (%)
This calculator accounts for the hillyness of a ride, by decreasing the average speed as the hilly-ratio increases.

Pace Calculator for an iPhone.

Last updated 31 Jan, 2010.