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Detailed Stats for Betty DeLuco for 2012

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
03/11/12  Sleeping Beauty Sunday        4LM    30           2            STC,MEN
06/21/12  Lucky lots of little hills    3LM    33           1            PHO
07/02/12  Riding the Eastside           4M     40           3            CLL,CLU,FEL
07/05/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     27           4            SCT,SRR,FEL,SWR
07/06/12  Tortoises Climbing Hills      5LM    23           2            TMG,HRC
08/18/12  Russian River Rally           5M    100           2            KRR,CVE
09/02/12  Early Morning Pops Workout    5M     32           4            MOR,MOT,ALT,ELT
09/06/12  Pescadero and San Gregorio T  5M     45           3            OLE,STG,TNC
09/23/12  Sleeping Beauty Sunday        5LM    55           2            OLE,SS3
11/06/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     54           4            APW,PTP,PMU,MDR
12/08/12  Lunch in Pleasanton, With Ki  4M     40           3            CLL,CLU,CLN
12/10/12  Riding the Eastside           4LM    28           2            CLL,FEL
Totals:          12                           507     0    32        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 26 different, 32 total,  34609 feet of climbing
 3-CLL Calaveras/Lower          3-FEL Felter                   2-CLU Calaveras/Upper         
 2-OLE Old La Honda East        1-APW Alpine West              1-ALT Altamont                
 1-CLN Calaveras/Backside       1-ELT Elena/Taffe              1-HRC Henry Coe               
 1-MOT Magdalena/Olive Tree     1-MDR Moody                    1-MOR Mora                    
 1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce           1-PMU Page Mill Upper          1-PHO Peach Hill/Ojai         
 1-PTP Portola State Park       1-SRR Sierra                   1-SS3 Skyline South 3         
 1-STG Stage                    1-STC Stevens Canyon           1-SCT Suncrest                
 1-SWR Sweigert                 1-TMG Thomas Grade             1-TNC Tunitas Creek           
 1-CVE Coleman Valley East      1-KRR Kings Ridge             

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