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Detailed Stats for Bob Stevens for 2012

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
01/03/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     24           5            JEF,CRV,HSC,MEL,EDW
01/17/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     45           4            MET,BBF,CRY,CTV
01/24/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     31           4            LTR,LTW,APE,WSR
02/28/12  Sleeping Beauty Sunday        4LM    40           1            JEF
03/06/12  Roaster                       6M     26           4            SKE,HKT,FOS,OVL
03/08/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     26           4            QBW,MPL,HGR,CYT
03/10/12  Lunch in Capitola             5M     50           3            MTB,GNC,MTC
03/29/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     33           2            MHU,KNC
04/03/12  Oue Favorite Kids             5M     45           3            MDS,MDT,MDN
04/05/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     49           4            FTE,EGL,EGU,JMC
04/07/12  Tierra Bella Worker           5M    100           5            CNN,TMG,HRC,BBF,LWS
04/17/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     54           2            QNS,LNT
05/03/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     28           4            SAF,SCV,HEH,YBH
05/05/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     45           4            MDR,PMU,PTP,APW
05/08/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     54           5            ALB,SGE,SWN,SWN,BDP
05/15/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     35           3            SSN,RDG,SSJ
05/22/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     52           6            RLH,LWS,BAD,TMG,HRC,LWS
05/24/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     40           5            SNB,9NL,9NU,H9S,RGN
05/29/12  Rambling through the Redwood  5M     37           2            EKG,HIW
05/31/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     66           2            DPE,MIN
06/12/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     55           4            OLE,STG,PCE,OLW
06/14/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     46           4            SUM,MTC,BCW,WRS
06/19/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     42           5            CGL,CGU,HBB,HBU,JMC
07/05/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     27           4            SCT,SRR,FEL,SWR
08/14/12  Our Favorite Kids             5M     46           6            SS3,BGW,SN5,SHS,NAS,SN4
08/21/12  More Goats 6/5                5LM    25           4            HKW,HSR,MUM,REY
09/17/12  Eastern Sierras - Onion Vall  6LM    26           1            ONV
09/18/12  Eastern Sierras – Whitney   5LM    26           1            WNP
09/20/12  Eastern Sierras – Horsesho  5LM    47           1            ES9
09/21/12  Eastern Sierras - Devils Pos  4LM    41           0            
09/29/12  In Search of Train Tunnels    6M     60           5            OSS,SVT,WRS,ZYN,GNC
10/16/12  Our Favorite Kids             6M     47           5            HPE,PLL,MBB,MME,MMR
10/20/12  One Lunch in Corralitos       5M     54           3            OSS,EKG,A2C
10/30/12  Our Favorite Kids-2           3LM    25           3            ALH,MNV,RWE
12/08/12  M&M Rollers                   4LM    32           3            MEN,STC,PHO
Totals:          35                          1479     0   121        0
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

BillyGoats: 108 different, 121 total,  143776 feet of climbing
 3-LWS Llagas/Willow Springs    2-BBF Bailey/Buffalo Hill      2-EKG Eureka Canyon           
 2-GNC Granite Creek            2-HRC Henry Coe                2-JMC Jamison Creek           
 2-JEF Jefferson                2-MTC Mtn Charlie              2-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy      
 2-SWN Swanton                  2-TMG Thomas Grade             2-WRS Wrights Station         
 1-ALB Alba                     1-ALH Aldercroft Heights       1-APE Alpine East             
 1-APW Alpine West              1-A2C Aptos to Corralitos      1-BAD Barnard/Anderson Dam    
 1-BCW Bear Creek               1-BGW Bear Gulch West          1-BDP Bonny Doon              
 1-CNN Canada Loop              1-CGL China Grade              1-CGU China Grade Upper       
 1-CYT Clayton                  1-CTV Country View             1-CRV Crestview               
 1-CRY Croy                     1-DPE Del Puerto Canyon        1-EDW Edgewood                
 1-EGL Empire Grade             1-EGU Empire Grade Upper       1-FEL Felter                  
 1-FTE Felton-Empire            1-FOS Foster                   1-HSR Harwood/Santa Rosa      
 1-HSC Hastings/Club            1-HPE Hecker Pass              1-HEH Hellyer/Hassler         
 1-HKT Hicks Trio               1-HKW Hicks West               1-HIW Highland Way            
 1-HGR Higuera Rd               1-HBB Hwy 236                  1-HBU Hwy 236 Upper           
 1-9NL Hwy 9 North Lower        1-9NU Hwy 9 North Upper        1-H9S Hwy 9 South             
 1-KNC Kincaid                  1-LNT Lone Tree                1-LTW Los Trancos Woods       
 1-LTR Los Trancos/Ramona       1-MBB Mantelli/Blue Bell       1-MEL Melendy                 
 1-MET Metcalf                  1-MIN Mines                    1-MNV Montevina               
 1-MDR Moody                    1-MTB Mt Bache/Loma Prieta     1-MDN Mt Diablo North Gate    
 1-MDS Mt Diablo South Gate     1-MDT Mt Diablo Summit         1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce          
 1-MHU Mt Hamilton/Upper        1-MME Mt Madonna West          1-MMR Mt Madonna/Redwood Retre
 1-MPL Mt Pleasant              1-MUM Mt Umunhum               1-NAS Native Sons             
 1-OLE Old La Honda East        1-OLW Old La Honda West        1-OVL Overlook                
 1-PMU Page Mill Upper          1-PHO Peach Hill/Ojai          1-PCE Pescadero               
 1-PLL Pole Line                1-PTP Portola State Park       1-QNS Quien Sabe              
 1-QBW Quimby West              1-RWE Redwood Estates          1-RGN Regnart Road            
 1-REY Reynolds                 1-RDG Rodeo Gulch              1-RLH Rolling Hills           
 1-SAF San Felipe               1-SNB Sanborn                  1-SKE Shannon/Kennedy         
 1-SRR Sierra                   1-SCV Silver Creek Valley Rd   1-SN4 Skyline North 4         
 1-SN5 Skyline North 5          1-SS3 Skyline South 3          1-SVT Skyview Terrace         
 1-SGE Smith Grade              1-SSJ Soquel-San Jose          1-STG Stage                   
 1-SHS Star Hill/Swett          1-SSN Stetson/Skyland          1-STC Stevens Canyon          
 1-SUM Summit                   1-SCT Suncrest                 1-SWR Sweigert                
 1-WSR Westridge                1-YBH Yerba Buena/Hassler      1-ZYN Zayante                 
 1-ES9 Horseshoe Meadows        1-ONV Onion Valley             1-WNP Whitney Portal          

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