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Detailed Stats for Paul Vlasveld for 2012

  Date        Title                    Pace  Miles  Bear  Goats (co)Led  List of Bear or Goats
01/01/12  New Years Billy Goat Ride     5M     63           3            HSR,HKW,REY
01/01/12  Triple Double                 4MB    41           3            SKE,PHO,MEN
05/26/12  Miles at GWBR                 1L    178           6        Y   SRC,SRC,PCY,PCY,OCR,OCR
07/04/12  ACTC Pancake Breakfast        1LM     0     Y     0            Independence Day
07/14/12  Lunch in Capitola             5M     66           3            OSS,GNC,MTC
11/03/12  Mt. Hamilton Ride             5M     52           3            MHL,MHU,KNC
12/27/12  Metcalf Mauler                5M     20           2            YBH,MET
12/30/12  Mt. Hamilton in the Snow      5M     40           2            MHL,MHU
12/31/12  Lunch in Gilroy               5M     60           2            BBF,MMR
Totals:           9                           520     1    24        1
                rides                        miles  bears goats    led 

Grizzly bears: 1 different, 1 total
 1-Independence Day        

BillyGoats: 19 different, 24 total,  30791 feet of climbing
 2-MHL Mt Hamilton/Lower        2-MHU Mt Hamilton/Upper        2-OCR Old Creek               
 2-PCY Peachy Canyon            2-SRC Santa Rosa Ck            1-BBF Bailey/Buffalo Hill     
 1-GNC Granite Creek            1-HSR Harwood/Santa Rosa       1-HKW Hicks West              
 1-KNC Kincaid                  1-MET Metcalf                  1-MEN Mt Eden/Pierce          
 1-MMR Mt Madonna/Redwood Retre 1-MTC Mtn Charlie              1-OSS Old Santa Cruz Hwy      
 1-PHO Peach Hill/Ojai          1-REY Reynolds                 1-SKE Shannon/Kennedy         
 1-YBH Yerba Buena/Hassler     

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